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About Us

Better Data. Better Policy. Better Outcomes.

Cannabis Public Policy Consulting (CPPC) is a collective of researchers, data scientists, public health professionals, and policy experts working together toward a unified goal: to bring much-needed data, innovation, and nuance to cannabis policymaking.

With a guiding philosophy that data should drive policy, CPPC is the only firm providing original cannabis research coupled with full-service consulting. Our proprietary data is the foundation of our work, ensuring our services are evidenced-based while promoting public health and harm reduction principles.

Trusted by regulators, legislatures, tribal governments, academics, and nonprofits across the United States, CPPC’s deep bench of experts is well-equipped to address any challenge, data gap, or question our clients face. From cannabis program implementation to custom data packages, CPPC works in lockstep with our clients to achieve their goals and advance sensible, research-backed cannabis regulation. Interested in working with CPPC? Please email info@cannabispublicpolicyconsulting.com.

Learn about our interdisciplinary team of experts.

Mackenzie Slade, MPH

Executive Director

Mackenzie Slade is the Executive Director of CPPC. As a public health professional and trained implementation scientist…


Michael Sofis, PhD

Director of Research

Mike is the Director of Research at CPPC. Mike has published over 25 peer-reviewed, scientific manuscripts in the health behavior…


Hannah Boyum

Deputy Director

Hannah Boyum serves as the Deputy Director of CPPC, where she plays a multifaceted role in the organization. Her responsibilities…


Ari Kirshenbaum, PhD

Senior Behavioral Scientist

Ari is a senior behavioral scientist at Cannabis Public Policy Consulting and is involved in research design, analysis, and writing.


Summer Fox, MPP

Program Manager

Summer Fox (MPP) is the program manager at Cannabis Public Policy Consulting, where she manages the research team’s contracts…


Brent Kaplan, PhD

Data Scientist

Brent Kaplan serves as a Data Scientist at CPPC. He has published over 60 peer-reviewed, scientific journal articles on topics…


Lydia Mudd, MPH (2024)

Senior Research Associate

Lydia Mudd is a Senior Research Associate at CPPC where she contributes to scientific and regulatory developments on cannabis use.


Sara Zimmer, MS

Senior Researcher

Sara Zimmer is a senior researcher at Cannabis Public Policy Consulting where she specializes in the scientific investigation of cannabis…


Keegan Gendron

Senior Cannabis Policy Associate

Keegan Gendron is the Senior Cannabis Policy Associate at CPPC, where he specializes in researching and analyzing cannabis policy…


John Starkel, MPP

Policy Analyst

John Starkel is a Policy Analyst at Cannabis Public Policy Consulting, where he assists and advises clients on cannabis policy…


Eukirah Pennyman, MSW (2024)

Communications Associate

Eukirah Pennyman is the communications associate at Cannabis Public Policy Consulting (CPPC), where she leads in…


Kaitlyn Miller

Program Assistant II

Kaitlyn Miller is a Program Assistant at Cannabis Public Policy Consulting, where she focuses on policy research. Kaitlyn is a…


Jeremiah Brown, PhD (2024)

Data Analyst

Jeremiah Brown is a part time data analyst, where he supports the data science team in deriving insights from behavioral health data.


Gideon Cunningham, PhD (2025)

Policy and Research Intern

Gideon Cunningham is a Policy and Research Intern at Cannabis Public Policy Consulting, where he assists in researching…


Tasha Dennis, MPP, JD (2024)

Policy Intern

Tasha Dennis is a dedicated cannabis advocate who currently serves as an intern at CPPC. She is renowned for her expertise in public policy…