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Arming Policy Makers with Data to Improve Cannabis Regulation

Cannabis Public Policy Consulting is the only firm in cannabis consulting that neither works for the industry nor advocates for cannabis legalization. Our clients are policymakers, ancillary businesses, and researchers. Our focus is exclusively on data-informed development and implementation of legalization policies that are designed to create safe, equitable, and efficient markets that promote economic opportunities and protect public health and safety.

We help our clients explore policy alternatives, establish initial governance structures, draft legislative language, develop regulations, create communication plans, and engage communities and stakeholders that both support and oppose cannabis reform. Using implementation science, we analyze data and experiences across states to share best practices and anticipate challenges.

Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey

Providing National and State-Specific Outcomes of Cannabis Trends Quarterly

The Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey (RDCOS) is a quarterly representative survey that provides regulators, cannabis-adjacent businesses, and organizations with state-specific and national data to identify, predict, and solve modern cannabis problems. The RDCOS has been successfully piloted in two U.S. states with legal cannabis laws. In 2022, about 40,000 Americans will complete RDCOS with 17,000 reporting past year cannabis use, making it the largest known sample to date. Importantly, RDCOS captures data from not only cannabis consumers but applicants, those involved with the criminal justice system, and all parties that interact with the legal cannabis system.

Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab – Describe. Predict. Control.

Solving Cannabis Policy Questions with Data Science

The Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab takes the guessing out of policy making, understanding cannabis-related health outcomes and harms, and investing in cannabis markets. Using novel and complex data-science pairing methods, the Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab is the only predictive tool that allows for simulating policy changes in each state’s regulatory environment to understand cannabis market and health outcomes, contingencies, and dependencies. Through a series of data-capture on consumer purchasing and consumption behavior derived from 20 states through our Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey, coupled with Track and Trace records and other relevant data sets, the Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab is able to describe and predict cannabis market and health related outcomes by identifying outcome drivers, and to what extent each individual driver is predictive of outcomes.

Whether you are a policymaker seeking to understand the impact of a potential policy change, a public health agency becoming prepared for cannabis health outcomes, or an ancillary business curious about the future of the cannabis market, the Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab is here to answer your questions with accuracy.


Empirically Derived Data is Unimpeachable

Cannabis Public Policy Consulting was founded on the idea that cannabis legalization and its regulatory structures needed a foundation in public health and research to be successful and sustainable. We offer regulators, cannabis-adjacent businesses, and researchers science and insights that allow them to progress with emerging trends and best practices that protect public health and safety and promote equity. Research services include:

  • Qualitative and Quantitative Studies
  • Health, Safety, and Market Predictive Analytics
  • Supply and Demand Assessment and Analytics
  • Market Research on Cannabis Stakeholder Engagement
  • Public Health Impact Assessments and Surveillance
  • Health Care System Preparedness
  • Digital Technology Product Validation