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National and State-Specific Cannabis Trends and Policy Outcomes Provided on a Quarterly Basis

The proliferation of cannabis legalization across the United States has created a pressing need for data and research that identifies how regulated access of cannabis could impact public health, economic, and equity outcomes. How do outcomes differ between states and across markets, and how can we apply those findings to institute policies that mitigate harms and amplify societal gains? Meet the Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey.

Our Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey (RDCOS) is conducted quarterly, and addresses the research gap with diverse, timely, and technical cannabis data. It identifies differences in cannabis-related outcomes

By the Numbers:*

50 number of states surveyed

100,000 general population who participate annually for the RDCOS

40,000+ surveyed used cannabis in the past year 

200 number of cannabis-related outcomes of interest assessed

20 number of policy impact areas (Taxation, Licensing, Exc.)

Collected from 9,000 zip codes per quarter


The RDCOS is the only available tool that integrates population-level cannabis outcomes data in almost all 50 states with extensive policy data at state and substate levels. Ask about our survey questions to see how we leverage that data to evaluate policy success from several lenses. There is no shortage of insights for regulators, governments, researchers, cannabis-adjacent businesses, and other stakeholders.

Coming Soon: In 2023, all 50 U.S. will be included in the RDCOS. While the survey is already the most up-to-date, largest inferential analysis of cannabis policies and outcomes, next year we will offer even more inclusive data to assess cannabis market, economic, public health, and equity outcomes.