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CPPC helps bring sound products to market according to varying state and local regulations so governments are not alone. CPPC will assist in implementing cannabis reform ancillary businesses that provide financial, monitoring, safety, data, and infrastructure solutions

Health, Safety, and Market Predictive Analytics

Real-time modeling provides clarity in a volatile market and ensures you are making decisions based on the best data available. Our health, safety, and market predictive analytics deliver unmatched insight of domain knowledge to answer your most strategic questions.

Behavioral Economic Studies and Insights

To us at CPPC, understanding the effect of individual psychological processes—emotions, habits, etc.—on decision-making in a variety of cannabis-related economic contexts is critical for the safest markets. Pulling from neuroscience and microeconomic theory, we help you determine which “nudges” drive public choice and how market decisions are made.

Grant Writing

Are you an organization seeking funds for cannabis research about criminal justice or public health and safety? Let CPPC develop the clear, persuasive language needed to fund your grant proposal and create new economic development opportunities.