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Bringing Data to Decision-Making in Cannabis

As the only firm in cannabis regulation and policy with a data-informed public health mission, we are in a singular position to provide objective, validated, and often first-of-its kind data to cannabis policymakers, businesses, and the public. Just 36 months after our launch, Cannabis Public Policy Consulting has consulted and provided original research for clients with a presence in more than 20 state and municipal governments. We’ve established and continue to expand the largest state-specific and national cannabis data set with the Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey (RDCOS) and are excited to announce the Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab, which allows for regulators to see the impact of policy changes before implementing them. We’ve increased the presence of public health, equity, and sustainability as essential influences in cannabis policymaking.

Our data and insights are contributing to positive impacts:

  • Supporting development of unique but harmonious legalization policies at the state level that benefit society, reduce friction in cannabis business relationships, and aim to decrease the frequency and societal cost of cannabis-related litigation and harms.
  • Helping states prepare for potential federal legalization.
  • Optimizing the enormous local economic impact of an emerging industry valued at $17.5 billion.
  • Filling the gap in cannabis-related public health data. Little is known about how legalization impacts cannabis use and associated health outcomes, and CPPC is working to fix that.
  • Supporting a stigma-free, harm reduction approach to substance consumption.
  • Accelerating innovation that improves the cannabis industry’s sustainability and public health outcomes.