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CPPC’s Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey has the most up-to-date data on cannabis consumer behaviors. This data set accompanied with our subject matter expertise in all areas of public health, impairment and cognitive behavior helps clients meet the urgent need for expanded and rigorous scientific research.

Technology Validation

Simulations of products and systems in a highly regulated industry like cannabis allow engineers to simplify the design process, improve quality and performance, and more. But what if the technology is inaccurate? With technology validation, we can ensure the accuracy and correctness of cannabis-regulatory or adjacent technology for measurable and documented credibility.

CUD Intervention and Clinical Staff Training

Our personal therapeutic solutions help consumers reduce their cannabis use by teaching them to envision their positive future selves across their financial and social lives, their relationships, and their well-being. This provides a custom fit of how individuals can maximize the benefits and minimize the risks of their cannabis use.