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Conflicts between the narrow federal landscape and the expansion of state cannabis laws have created countless surveillance complications.  

As the emerging cannabis industry depends on incorporating public health, public safety, market demand, and equity perspectives into regulatory frameworks, our population representative quarterly national data set serves as the leading cannabis related outcomes surveillance for the nation.  This data set aims to provide maximum insight for federal policy alternatives and research 

Cannabis Outcome Surveillance

Make smarter policy decisions with CPPC data solutions. Our Regulatory Determinants of Cannabis Outcomes Survey actively monitors public health outcomes of cannabis policy. This includes identifying how many people meet the criteria for cannabis use disorder (CUD) in each state and defining many other public health priorities. Our data is all you need to support your regulatory intelligence and reporting needs.


Predictive Analytics

Applying predictive analytics to cannabis markets allows you to explore new and broader sets of data to detect nonlinear relationships within the market. The Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab highlights interactions between cannabis policy and people, related health outcomes, and harms. Finally, you can look ahead to what will happen next quarter and be proactive, not reactive.

State-Level Simulation

If you want to learn what would happen if a particular state legalized cannabis, look no further. Unlock hidden patterns and new insight with theCannabis Policy Simulation Lab. The growing varieties of data we’ve gathered across consumer purchasing and consumption behavior has helped predict the outcomes, contingencies, and dependencies of future state-level legislation.