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Choose the Solution that Answers Your Specific Questions

We offer data-backed science and valuable insights that align with emerging trends and best practices to protect public health and safety, and promote equity. With data packages, you can choose the level of output you need across all these objectives. From custom surveys and reports to consulting and data-informed policy recommendations, we’ll personalize deliverables to your exact needs.

Tier 1: Just the Essentials

Tier one provides access to CPPC’s survey questions with a comprehensive report of data insights. You’ll also receive within-state data at locality-specific level analysis or between-states data with all 50 states level analysis.

Tier 2: Expertise with Engagement

Tier two offers all the outputs of tier one (including customized survey questions and state level analysis), plus 100 hours of consulting to translate and implement insights into actionable, data-informed policy changes.

Tier 3: Comprehensive Surveillance

Tier three is a level of investment for those looking for all the resources necessary to implement policy from research to implementation. This tier includes all the deliverables of tier one and tier two, plus predictive analytics across trends and simulations of potential policy decisions on market and health outcomes.


 Tier 1Tier 2Tier 3
Custom Surveys & Reports
Simulation Lab Insights and Data-Informed Policy Recommendations