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Regulators must understand the history and impact of complex public policy and economic issues before making any decisions that involve the ever-developing cannabis market. CPPC assists states and localities across the country in implementing and regulating the cannabis industry with critical insight and data-backed strategies. We provide consultation to city, county, tribal, and state governments nationwide.

Pre-Market Launch Services

  • Statutory and regulatory writing and consulting
  • Supply and demand studies
  • Cannabis program design and strategy including applications, licensing, and workflows
  • Stakeholder engagement with government departments, laboratories, Boards of Medicine, medical associations, and more

Implementation Services

  • Consultation on all aspects of launching adult-use and medical cannabis marketplaces
  • Asist with subject matter expertise in drafting complete sets of rules and regulations for statewide adult-use and medical marketplaces within tight timeframes
  • Cannabis program implementation planning including testing, enforcement, and compliance
  • Department management support including workflows, timelines, and coaching
  • Design and implementation of community and stakeholder engagement activities

Post-Market Launch Services

  • Policy simulations using the CPPC Cannabis Policy Simulation Lab
  • Redesign of social equity programs in response to litigation
  • Data collection and program evaluation
  • Revision of regulations governing medical use of cannabis