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For those who strive to develop new ideas and programs that foster economic choice and protect public health, CPPC provides the largest, most comprehensive cannabis policy, market, and health data products in the industry. As the foremost experts on cannabis policy and health outcomes, we invite you to explore our thought leadership which has been vital to the health and safety of our communities.

Cost Benefit Analysis

Identify the best ROI with an unclouded view of various outcomes of a cannabis-related system or initiative. We consider the intangibles without the influence of politics or bias and provide you with scientifically based recommendations to help you advance your goals.

Prevention Education Campaigns

One of the most powerful approaches to managing issues of cannabis use takes place at the community level. Increase awareness and educate youth, parents, and other important communities with our subject matter expertise on designing effective prevention education campaigns and materials.

Data Collection and Prediction

Our data collection methodology includes thoroughly understanding the critical cannabis-related issue you want to address. Do you need to predict how a specific subgroup responds to legalization or other policies? We can do that. From qualitative data to quantitative data, our systematic process of developing surveys, gathering observations, and recording scientific measurements allows you to gain invaluable expertise.