Making Medical Marijuana Medical

Note, this op-ed was originally published in Westword on April 23rd, 2018. The woman who was administering marijuana to her son daily desperately needed me to know that she wasn’t a hippie. She had no prior relationship with marijuana. But after she had exhausted all other forms of medication to treat her son’s seizures, she decided to try medical marijuana. She saw her son go through his first day in years without a seizure. She moved to Colorado within the month. I was Governor Hickenlooper’s Director of Marijuana Coordination at the time. The woman was in my office because she wanted access to our certified testing labs in order to test the marijuana she was administering to her child. S

The FDA just opened the door to transforming marijuana policy

Editor's Note: This post originally appeared in The Washington Post on June 27, 2018.​ John Hudak is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution and senior adviser at the cannabis policy consulting firm Freedman & Koski. He is the author of “Marijuana: A Short History.” The Food and Drug Administration did something entirely routine and completely unprecedented Monday: It approved a drug called Epidiolex. What makes this move historic? For the first time, the agency approved a cannabis-based medicine. The FDA has previously approved a synthetic cannabis medicine, but Epidiolex is different; it is manufactured from plant matter, a chemical compound in the cannabis plant called cannabidiol, o

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