Nevada should snuff out pot distributor mandate

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared in the Las Vegas Sun on July 18, 2017. State-led marijuana legalization has led to Onion-like headlines across the country. “Here comes the first Church of Cannabis,” “Colorado to offer one-day tax holiday on marijuana,” “Marijuana lawsuit claims legal pot grow makes horse riding less pleasant,” and now “Governor declares state of emergency as marijuana stash runs short.” These headlines are bound to continue as states create highly regulated industries that did not previously exist. Unintended consequences lie around every corner. Colorado’s system immediately ran up against the state’s taxpayer bill of rights, requiring a one-day tax holiday.

Legal cannabis lounges’ time has come

Editor's note: This article originally appeared on the San Francisco Chronicle's GreenState blog on July 28, 2017. Eight years into Colorado marijuana legalization, one of the newer issues society must define and regulate is social consumption in settings like bars, dance clubs or tasting rooms. Some advocates are even wondering whether this should include social events like festivals or concerts. When you picture people consuming marijuana almost anywhere they can drink, you get a sense of how complicated this policy problem could become. Restricting or banning public consumption has been a consistent feature of early cannabis legalization policy. It sounds simple, but determining what is "

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